A collection of experiences,
thoughts, and inspiration gathered
on a month-long trip from New
York City to Oakland, California.

Day 1: Say Goodbye to my Baby
Day 2: A Rocky Start
Day 3: A Run-in with Lil’ John
Day 4: The Girl in the Red Dress
Day 5: All Night in Memphis
Day 6: Southern Hospitality
Day 7: New Orleans, an Introduction
Day 8: Car Trouble
Day 9: Fear Of Missing Out
Day 10: Hell on Wheels
Day 11: Blue Skies & Still Waters
Day 12: Reconnecting with My Youth
Day 13: Self-Reflection
Day 14: About a Girl
Day 15: Texas Steaks, Beef Jerky, Sunsets
Day 16: The Great Southwest is Closed
Day 17: Flagstaff / Sedona / Jerome / Bar
Day 18: The Backdoor Grand Canyon
Day 19: Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride
Day 20: The Road To Zion
Day 21: Climbing Mountains, Forging Rivers
Day 22: Cocktails in Salt Lake City
Day 23: Solitude in the Desert
Day 24: A Place Called Home
Day 25: Welcome to Oakland